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Do I Need an Appointment?

Appointments are recommended on Sundays at R Storie boutique. You can book here.

For all other pop-up event walk-ins are welcome + encouraged!

What is Permanent Jewelry?

Forever Flame Permanent Jewelry allows you to design your own bespoke custom jewelry by selecting your favorite chains as well as custom curated charms.

The jewelry is welded directly on to you with no clasp using a heat-free "pulse welder". This creates a beautiful, infinity seamless bracelet that you can wear for years to come.

Permanent jewelry is a fun way to celebrate a milestone, get matching BFF or partner jewelry, or just make yourself feel beautiful effortlessly everyday!

What Does Permanent Jewelry Cost?

Our all-inclusive permanent jewelry pricing is determined by your chain, chosen metal, and jewelry type. While your final price will be determined on-site here are our general pricing guidelines.

Note: we also offer a 10% discount when you purchase 3 or more chains!

  Sterling Silver 14k Gold Fill 14k Rose Gold Fill 14k Solid Gold
Bracelet $50 + $75 + $100 + $375 +
Anklet $90 + $125 + $150 + $375 +
Necklace $100 + $150 + $200 + $375 +
Charm $20 ea $20 ea $20 ea $20 ea
Diamond Charm
$150 ea
$150 ea $150 ea $150 ea

Is Permanent Jewelry Actually Permanent?

Permanent jewelry, simply put, is jewelry you DON’T take off. It has ends welded together instead of a clasp.

If you need to take it off for a unique reason, you can easily cut it at the jump ring and save it to be welded back on at a later date. You can cut jump rings with scissors or even better a cuticle cutter.

If you prefer to add a clasp for easy on/off contact us and we can add it on for a small materials fee.

Does Permanent Jewelry Hurt When It's Welded?

Nope! The welder we use is painless and heat free. The welder will never touch your skin, but in the chance it does, it won’t hurt you since it only works on metal. You’ll see a flash of light and then it’s over.

How Do I Care for My Permanent Jewelry?

Because we only use Sterling Silver and 14k Gold-Fill metals in our permanent jewelry it can undergo months of wear without needing to be cleaned. To keep the chain sparkling like new, aftercare can be used to remove debris or buildup. We recommend cleaning your jewelry with anti-grease soap and water. Rinse and dry thoroughly.

What if I Need to Take Off My Permanent Jewelry?

When you’re finished with your jewelry just use some scissors or cuticle cutters to cut it at the Jump ring. Save it and we can weld it on at a later date or add a clasp for a small fee.

Can I Wear My Permanent Jewelry Through Airport Security?

Yes! TSA allows you to leave on all permanent jewelry!

What if I Want a Specific Chain?

I want a specific chain – will you have it in stock?

Maybe, feel free to reach out to us to make sure we have your desired chain in stock. We are constantly updating and adding new fun and trending chains and we’re happy to do custom orders if you don’t see a chain you love.

What is Your Repair Policy?

Though rare if your jewelry breaks, we offer a free repair policy. Bring your piece in and we will re-weld it for you for free. Unlike our competitors, we don’t charge for a re-weld.

Customer service is key for our founder, Claire and OUR TEAM wants more than anything for our customers to love all of our Jewelry and experience as much as we do!

*If you lose your piece of jewelry you will need to replace it, (DM us and we will work with you for a solution that makes everyone happy.)

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